Why the GOP can’t win Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations have been cheap, so why can’t the Republican Party win them back?

I don’t want to sound like a partisan, but Christmas decorations are the most divisive, and divisive political items.

I don, and the Republican base seems to be largely uninterested in decorating their own homes with them.

Even if Republicans were to make a concerted effort to win over the GOP base, it would be a monumental task.

I would expect that it would take years of dedicated, unapologetic, and self-interested GOP politicians and consultants working at it, or a concerted campaign from the top, to get it done.

It wouldn’t be easy, but it would require a level of persistence that the GOP, like the Democrats, has struggled with for years.

In fact, even though Christmas decorations may not be cheap, the cost of a Christmas decoration has been dropping.

And even with Christmas decorations falling, the price of a Thanksgiving turkey has been rising.

But how to get the party back to Christmas?

There are many different ways to get to Christmas.

There are a lot of people who want the party to be about family, good cheer, and family values.

Some want the Republicans to focus on jobs, taxes, and economic growth, and others want to get back to the more traditional holiday traditions of red, white, and blue.

And there are others who want to be more about entertainment and family fun.

All of these options are valid, but they don’t all work.

For instance, the Republicans have been able to appeal to people who are tired of the Democrats and Republicans being divided on policy, but aren’t willing to give up their traditional, family-friendly Christmas traditions.

This has been a problem for years, as people have become tired of hearing the Democrats talk about what’s wrong with the GOP and Republicans talk about how they should unite to get things done.

But the party is struggling to get anything done, and even as it tries, the party doesn’t seem to have much to show for it.

So the Republicans are making a number of different, expensive choices to get their party back on track.

In a nutshell, the RNC needs to make the party a more family-oriented party.

That means giving more of the money to the RNC and the candidates it has endorsed.

That includes spending more money on its own field operations and more money to pay for TV ads that play up family values and good cheer.

That also means getting the party’s campaign committees to spend more on TV ads and hiring more staff to get Republicans on the airwaves to talk about family.

That is something the RNC has struggled to do.

It has struggled at best with this, and it has struggled even more at worst with the fact that the party has not had a national convention in almost 30 years.

The party has only held a convention in Las Vegas twice since 1988, and in both of those years, it has hosted a convention.

It should be clear by now that there is no single-issue approach to the party.

The RNC needs a party that is focused on issues, and not on partisan politics.

The Republican party needs to move beyond the political parties past.

If the RNC can make the Christmas party a family-focused party, it can turn around the party and win the White House in 2016.

The next election cycle, if it can get to that point, will be a critical election for the party, as the party needs a big turnout for an election that the Democrats are so sure they are going to lose.

And if the party can make its party a less partisan party, then the party will be more competitive in 2020, when voters are going for different candidates in their own states and districts, rather than voting for the same party in the same election cycle.

If the party gets its party back, and keeps its traditional Christmas traditions, and doesn’t go back to playing to the base, then it will have a chance to win in 2020.

[Image credit: Getty Images]


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