Why are we still decorating the 50th anniversary of the ‘Battle of the Bulge’?

An estimated 1,000 students, staff and teachers will decorate the school’s new Classroom Decoration Decoration Box at the beginning of next school year.

The school said the boxes will help students get through their classwork and will be displayed to students, parents and others during the school day.

The boxes are made of a durable, durable materials that will be safe and will last.

The boxes will feature the names and faces of fallen soldiers of the World War II German and American armies as well as their medals and awards.

The box will also feature a photo of each soldier with the school logo.

“This box will provide a lasting reminder of what the Great War has meant to so many,” Principal Chris Saucier said.

“This is not just a box of toys.

This is an iconic symbol that will continue to stand as a symbol of the school and the students who make it their home.”

Saucier says the boxes are part of a bigger initiative to help the school better serve the community.

The Box of Remembrance was launched last month to help students learn about the World Wars and help them remember their families, classmates and teachers.

The first box was given to every student in the school last year and will continue through the school year, school officials said.


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