Which is the most beautiful patio in Canberra?

The Canberra CBD has long been a destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

But the city’s most famous outdoor venue, the Parramatta Common, is about to get a facelift, with the refurbishment slated to begin in September.

The parlour, which is the main gathering place for Canberra’s city-dwellers, has a large roof terrace, which offers views of the city and the surrounding surrounding countryside.

It also has an outdoor patio that can be set up with a large wooden bench, a wooden table, chairs, tables and a fountain.

“We’re going to do a large facelifting, starting in September, and it’s a massive facelifts,” said Paul Jones, Parramata’s executive director of heritage and cultural heritage.

Mr Jones said the project, which includes refurbishing the main hall, will include a glass patio, new lighting and new fixtures.

“It’s going to have a new kitchen, it’s going on a new floor, new walls, new windows,” he said.

“I think the Parr has been an incredible centre for Canberra for thousands of years and that’s why we’re putting a faceltaking in.”

There’s going a lot of new furniture, new equipment, new decor, a new lighting system.

“The Parr is a popular venue in the city, and the city council has been keen to add to the city centre’s heritage, and is making the biggest investment to date to upgrade the iconic venue.”

The city is going to be a lot more beautiful, and people are going to come here, so we have to do it quickly,” Mr Jones said.

Mr Johnson said the Parra-based council had been looking at the design of the new building since 2016.”

Since then, we’ve been exploring and we’ve got a lot in the pipeline, so I think it’s safe to say it’s on track to happen,” he told news.com


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