When you’re the one who’s paying for the decorations: When it comes to cheap farmhouses, you’re paying for yourself

D.C. has some of the priciest house decorations in the country.

But with a $1,000 price tag, the most affordable of them are usually pretty stunning.

So let’s take a look at the best cheap house decor, from the cheapest to the most expensive.

D.C.’s best cheap farm house decorHere are the most popular and the least popular cheap house decorations from The Washington Times.

The cost of the decorations varies from $1 to $2,000, but the prices are all comparable.

A house decor called “Hutch House” at the National Farm Museum in Virginia, was designed by local artist and architect Joseph Broussard, according to the Washington Post.

(Meredith McGehee/The Washington Post)A “Hickory House” was painted by local architect Joseph Boussard.

(Courtesy of Joseph Bouson)A home that includes a porch, kitchen and living room was built by local architectural firm B.J. Sproul and Associates, according a video on the company’s website.


J Sproull)A $1.5 million “Boussard House” is designed by the designer of the “Huck and Tuck” series, according the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.

(Shutterstock)A room with a ceiling of wood beams was designed and built by a local architect by the same name.

(Raul Gonzalez)A bedroom with a “M.P. Barnum” sign is decorated by local architects, including the architect Joseph W. Brinkley.

(Hans H. Hofmann/Wikimedia Commons)A wood framed wall mural that has a door with the word “Bartender” and a red, white and blue bow is by local artists, according an Instagram post by an art dealer.

(Ryan McGreal)A small house that has “the most interesting and beautiful” wood paneling in the nation was created by local architecture firm Brinkleys.

(Michael A. Pacheco/Wikicommons)A bed that was originally made from recycled furniture is painted by artist-designer Mike Smith.

(Gabe Roth/Getty Images for the American Society of Interior Design)A kitchen with “a window for a fireplace” was designed to be a home “to welcome guests and serve their meals in comfort,” according to a video posted by the owner of the home, Robert C. Brown.

(Tanya Breen/The New York Times)A tiny home was built in a single night by a couple, and the owner says they’re selling it to help raise money for child care.

(Robert C. Smith/Courtesy of Robert C Smith)A large, bright yellow “B-side” of a “bouquet” of colored fabric that was designed in collaboration with local artist Mark F. Schiller.


J Schiller/Photodisc/Getty)A family home with a glass ceiling that was created from an old door.

(Katherine Frey/The Huffington Post)Some of the cheapest house decor ideas from the Washington Times are pretty stunning, including a $50,000 “Lawn and Garden” house by local designers.

(Lillian Fennell/The Wall Street Journal)But there’s another one that’s more affordable, from local architect and designer Michael W. Smith.

It’s called the “Kitty House,” a $30,000 home that features a green roof and a fireplace.

(Mike Smith/Hutch)A green roof that has an “exotic” design by local designer Michael Smith, which is covered in an organic-rich material called “green bamboo.”

(Michael Smith/Creative Commons)This “green house” is “designed to be an intimate gathering space for couples or couples with children to enjoy a garden and play together.”

(Ruth L. Shiu/The Hill)This $100,000 house is a one-bedroom and features a “fountain in the backyard” and “shelter for the cats.”

(Shelter)This home is $100 per person, but you can get a larger one for $300 per person.

(Juan Carlos Fernandez/Flickr)This green house by artist, Michael Smith.

The owner says the house is “built to be the perfect backyard for families.”

(Mike W.

Smith/Humble Homes)A smaller, one-bedroom home with “an incredible fireplace” is $75 per person in New York City.

(Sarah L. Voisin/The Boston Globe)A house that’s “designed for use as a studio” with a custom wood-framed door is $200 per person by local art dealer John Schaller.

(Joey A. Gonzalez/The Associated Press)This one-


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