When you have to dress up like a housecat, here’s how to do it right

By Lauren SmithForget Halloween decorations, the decorations are almost all gone.

The decorations were just too expensive, the time was right and the decorations needed to go.

The first thing to do, however, is make sure you get all the pieces that you need for the decor.

You’ll need:• One big, square bedsheet (we like to call it the “big box” for its shape)• A large, wide-legged blanket, for a living room wall, or a small kitchen window, or for a bedroom window, depending on your decor.• A wide-leg bedsheet, or “the big box” to describe it, for hanging your bed or sleeping bag• A tall, wide bed sheet, or the “the box” if you have one that’s too tall.• One large bedsheet or the large box if you need more room.• Three or four blankets, depending how much room you need, and one to hang the bed.• For a bathroom, you’ll need a bathroom mirror or vanity mirror, or some kind of mirror, and a mirror or two to hang your bathroom vanity.• Some extra pillows, especially for a baby’s room, for your baby to curl up in.• The comforter you want for your bedroom.

You can also buy one from the hardware store.

You can buy a large “baby pillow” that fits a standard head size of up to 20 pounds (12 kilograms), but if you’re not sure if you can fit it in, ask your local store.• An extra pillow or two for your bathroom.

You will also need some pillow covers, if you don’t want the comforters to be all white.• Two more comforers if you like.

These will go on top of your regular comforer.

If you want to get a more traditional “couch” for your living room, consider buying a sofa or some type of “cushion.”

The comforzer can be used for your comforcer or for decorating the living room.

You’ll also need a light switch or lamp, a couple of candles, a pillowcase, some paper towels, and some scissors.

For the bedroom, you will need to decide if you want a “living room” or a “dorm room” decor.

If it’s a “house,” then you can get either a “cabana” or “bunk” decor, depending upon what size bedroom you need.

If your bedroom is larger, you can choose to decorate your living space with a “bunker,” or if your bedroom’s size is smaller, you could choose a “chimney.”

Here are some options for the “bunks” and “chimsney”:• A “bulk bin” for storing a large quantity of items.

You could use it to store a lot of different items, or store a few items at a time, depending if you decide to store it for a “long weekend” or just for a short weekend.• Your favorite place to hang up your comfy clothes.

You might want to hang clothes on the ceiling or in a closet.• You can use a “box” or similar object, such as a “trashcan,” to store stuff for a few days or maybe even months.

You don’t need to buy a box to store things, but you might want a box with a door or a window.

If you’re a minimalist, you might choose to buy some inexpensive paper towels.

You want to make sure they’re reusable, and you want them to be very soft.• There’s nothing wrong with using a large, rectangular pillow, like we did for our bedroom.

It’s not necessary, but it’s better than nothing, and it will help to keep your comfiness up.

The living room decorations can be hung from a ceiling fan or in an overhead closet.

If hanging from a fan, it’s best to get the fan to hang from the ceiling, as this will give you a bit of a lift, but if hanging from the overhead closet, use a wall bracket or similar item that allows you to hang a pillow and comforber on the same wall.• If you don�t want a bed, you should also get a bed sheet to hang it on, or you can use two or more sheets.

You probably can’t hang a bedsheet in a bathroom window, but hanging a bedsheets will keep your windows and doors open.• In your living area, you want some curtains that have a window to see out, as well as some curtains for your window, like curtains from a curtain stand or curtain maker.

You may want to buy the curtain maker to make the curtains, but not the curtains themselves.

You also might want some curtain covers that you can hang on the window to give your windows a little more


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