The world of balloon decor is changing, says Australian designer

A new trend for Australian home decor is turning up on the streets and it’s all thanks to a local designer.ABC News found out the artist, Alex Tully, was born in Melbourne’s inner west and was raised in the Australian capital.

“The kids would ask, ‘Can you put the balloon in the tree?’

I would say, ‘Of course!'” he says.

Mr Tully says the kids loved the idea of getting up in the air and seeing the balloon float by.

“I love it, because it’s the opposite of what most of us think about, when we think of a balloon,” he says, pointing to the fact it can be used to float a car or a home.

“You can put a ball in the balloon and have a party, or just get a picture taken.

It’s a great way to do that, and it gives you a unique feeling, and makes the kids happy.”

For Mr Tully’s new designs, the idea was to create a look for any room in a home and it involved a little more creativity.

“It was quite a challenge to find the perfect balloon to do the decor for a particular room,” he explains.

“And then to have that balloon come down on the floor to show off and look good on a table.”

If you’re lucky enough to find a balloon that’s a good height, you can have a huge party, it’s a bit of a show stopper.

“He says the balloons can be as big as a house, and the best ones are big enough to be carried on a bike or on a motorcycle.”

To get a balloon up the front of a house in Melbourne is quite intimidating, it is quite a big thing, so the idea for me was to put it in the front yard of a home,” he said.”

But the problem was, there are a lot of people who live in the outer suburbs, who don’t have access to a balloon.

“The artist says the design is very simple, with a lot more detail and design than the traditional balloon.”

For the balloons, they don’t really do much,” he explained.”

They just get up and hang up and then they come down again.

“Mr Tull says he hopes his balloon decor designs inspire people to make a more conscious choice of decorating their homes.”

In the end, we don’t want our house to look like a pile of rubbish or a place to be seen by the dog, or our kids,” he laughs.”

We want to be a part of the house, so I hope we can inspire people who are living in the city to put something in their home to make it more attractive and beautiful.

“You can follow the ABC’s urban design hub on Twitter and Instagram.


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