The DIY kitchen with an avocado ranch — and more!

New York magazine has posted a great photo essay on its website that reveals some of the most unique and amazing patio decor items you can buy.

The story goes like this: A couple is in a new place.

They have a baby.

They are trying to find a new home.

The baby has just a few months to live.

But there’s nothing they can do about the avocado ranch.

They can’t stop thinking about it, so they have a lot of ideas: a wine cellar, a cozy living room, a kitchen that doubles as a patio, a new, fancy restaurant with an outdoor bar, a wine bar, and a wine tasting room.

But they want to do it all with a small space, which means the kitchen needs to be the focal point of their space.

“We decided we needed a kitchen for it to really shine,” said the photo essay’s author, Rachel Krasner.

She added, “So we did some research and found this amazing place in New York called a rooftop garden.”

Krasners mom, Mary, and her husband, John, opened their own avocado ranch in Brooklyn’s Bedford Park neighborhood in 2005.

They also have a restaurant in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood that is known for its rustic atmosphere.

“The house in Bedford Park has always been a little bit different than the restaurant and the backyard,” said Krasers mother.

“So, we wanted something that would be completely different than both.

The house in New Jersey is a lot bigger, and the space here is bigger, so it was a little harder to do.”

The new backyard in the backyard.

Image: Rachel Kvasner/Courtesy of Rachel Klasner and John Krasney “The backyard was a perfect spot,” Krashers mom said.

“It was perfect for us to create something that was totally unique and not too traditional.”

The couple was inspired to get rid of all the other kitchen equipment and furniture and start fresh with the avocado.

The garden they found was a great fit.

The walls of the backyard were decorated with a variety of plants that grow in the fall and winter months, which gives the garden a different feel from the kitchen.

“This was the first time we had a big yard like this,” said Mary.

“There were a lot more trees, a lot fewer shrubs and flowers, and it was kind of a big space.

We had to think outside the box.”

The avocado ranch was installed in August of last year.

It was a big hit with the couple, who thought it was pretty unique and had a lot to show for it.

“Everything that we did was so much fun,” said Rachel.

“People loved it.

They thought it would be a nice addition to the backyard, and now it is a part of our life.

We’re not going anywhere, and we’re still here, and that’s what counts.”

They plan to open a second avocado ranch soon, but are currently looking for a more traditional home for it that’s not a garden or patio.

For now, the couple has a few other ideas: A wedding garden, an urban farm, a farm and restaurant, or an art gallery.

But it’s not just a garden, Krasors mom said they are also working on the patio as a wedding venue.

“I’m not going to lie, we’re planning on going to a wedding in a year,” she said.

Kraschers mom also has an idea for the new restaurant they are opening: a restaurant that would serve a range of food items from a local chef.

“When I see a lot restaurants, it always turns out that they are just really expensive,” she explained.

“Our idea is to offer something that is very cheap and just really great.”


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