Rustic decor and rustic life in Melbourne’s historic old town:

Posted November 01, 2018 07:31:53 An old Victorian town, once a thriving hub for the country, is now in the spotlight after it was renovated for an all-night rave party.

Key points:Rustic decor in the historic town of Ditchley is now attracting all-day crowdsThe dancefloor at the former Ditchleys Hotel has been turned into an all night rave partyThe event was organised by a former nightclub operator who is now planning another eventThe Ditchles Hotel in Ditchle Street was the heart of the city in the 1800s and the Ditchlleys was home to some of Melbourne’s most famous nightlife.

It is believed the Ditchingtons’ dancefloor was used for some of the most famous events in Melbourne history.

On Thursday night, hundreds of people danced on the DITCHLYS dancefloor, while other events were held throughout the city.

Owner of the nightclubs ‘The Bistro’, Peter Brown, said it was a great success.

“We’re hoping we’ll have more events like this in the future,” he said.

“It’s going to be a great event to celebrate our heritage.”

The event took place at the Ditches Hotel in Melbourne, but the hotel has since been converted into an entertainment centre.

Mr Brown said he wanted to have the event all-inclusive.

“The Ditchington’s are not just a dancefloor and a nightspot,” he explained.

“They’re a community, they’re a place that you can really connect with people and feel like you’re part of it.”

Mr Brown is now organising an all day event on Friday night at the historic Ditchlins Hotel, with DJs and live entertainment.

“There’s a whole new vibe,” he told News24.

“You’ve got the local bands, there’s a new band called The Bistros.”

Everybody has a different thing they want to play and the atmosphere is different, and that’s what makes it so special.

“I’m hoping to have a lot of people come, so we’re going to have people dancing all day, every day.”

The venue is already home to an all time record of 1,300 people.

Mr McElroy said the event was a hit.

“Every year, it’s an exciting event, it draws people from all over,” he added.

“Everyone’s been really excited to come.”

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