‘My pet was the one who gave me the best tip’: Cat gives pet’s ‘unstoppable’ tip

A cat is a very big deal when it comes to pet food.

And, according to its owner, the ‘ultimate tip’ of the year is the fish tank decorations.

In a recent Facebook post, Ashley Hynes from Sydney, New South Wales, revealed that her cat, who is called Fireball, was the person who gave her the ‘best tip’ this year.

She said that she’d heard of the fish tanks and thought that was a great idea, so she started working out what to decorate with them.

“I was looking through the aquariums for the fish I could get to and I came across one that was really well done,” she wrote.

‘My pet is the one that gave me a great tip’ Ashley Hinks posted this picture of her pet Fireball in the fish aquarium in the backyard of her Sydney home.

But as soon as she got her hands on the fish, she knew it was something special.

When Ashley opened the aquarium, she found a huge stack of fish, all wrapped up in a blanket.

Ashley said she couldn’t believe how much fish she was eating, so it’s only natural that she went for a ‘tipping point’ for her fish tank.

“I started with the fish because it’s the easiest thing I could think of,” she said.

“‘I can’t believe I’m actually eating this fish, can I really eat this?'”

She added that Fireball’s ‘very big tip’ was when she told her that her pet was one of the only things that could get her through the whole week without her needing to feed her.

The post garnered a lot of likes and comments from her fans, but it’s now been shared nearly 2,000 times.

Now, Ashley is making sure that her cats are always stocked with the right food.

While she said she wouldn’t sell her cat’s food if she wasn’t feeding her, she’s still hoping that Fireballs’ tip can inspire other pet owners to do the same.

“People are really curious to know what their cat has been eating and they are very grateful for that,” she added.

Watch the video above to hear the story of Ashley Hysons’ ‘unbeatable tip’.


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