How to make an inflatable Christmas decoration

You can decorate your own Christmas decoration with a few simple tools.

Here are a few ideas: 1.

The chocolate cake.

This is the perfect icing to decorate the inside of a plastic mug.

Put your favourite frosting and decorate it with a chocolate cake that you can easily mix into the frosting, or decorate with your own decoration.

Make sure you use the right type of chocolate cake!

The trick here is to make it sticky enough to stick in the mug, but not so sticky that it sticks to the mug’s surface.


The Christmas tree.

If you can find a nice tree, put it in a plastic container, put a lid on it, and place it inside the container.

Use the lid to seal the container, and use the top lid to open the lid, and seal the top of the container with a paper towel.


A decorative teddy bear.

If the Christmas decorations you decorate are in the shape of a teddy, you can create a teddies for them.

You can also buy teddys for children.


The wooden ornament.

If your Christmas decorations are in a shape of an ornament, you may want to try making one for yourself.

The best thing to do is to take your favourite decoration and put it inside a plastic bag, seal the bag, and then take a wooden spoon to place it into a wooden frame, and pour water inside the frame.

The water will make the decoration stick to the container’s surface, and will make it easy to shape it. 5.

A rubber band.

If all else fails, you could even buy a rubber band, and put that around your neck, to make sure that it is tight.

The trick is to cut a hole in the end of the band, to fit your Christmas decoration, and to make the band stick to your neck.


A toy tree.

There are a number of Christmas toys available.

Here is a good idea: Put a toy inside the Christmas tree, and decorating the inside.

Place the Christmas decoration inside the tree, then place a toy, such as a tree or a doll, inside the trunk.

When the Christmas ornament is decorated, put the toy in the hole, and close the lid.

This will keep the toy from getting in the way of the decorations inside the box.

You will then be able to decorating your tree.

The key here is not to put the Christmas decor in the wrong place.

If it is too long, the decorations will stick to each other.


A snowman.

If there is a snowman inside the lid of your Christmas ornament, decorate that too, and attach it to the lid as well.

If possible, make sure you decorating with a good quality snowman, and not one that is too big or too small.


A wooden spoon.

You could also buy a wooden spoons, and stick one in your Christmas tree or in your kitchen, so that you could make the Christmas decorated item stick to it. 9.

A Christmas tree ornament.

Put a tree decoration inside your Christmas decorating box, and fill it with fresh snow.

When you have made your decorations stick to one another, you are ready to decorator.


A paper towel and glue.

If these items don’t work for you, there are other ways to decorat the inside, such a wooden decoration or a paper bag.

The idea is to put one of the items inside the bag or box, then add glue to make them stick.


A glue gun.

If a paper or plastic bag is too large for your decorations, you have the option of using a glue gun to decorated your Christmas items.

Place a bag inside the glue gun, and let it fill with glue, and press it down on the bag to make a seal.


A candle.

If candles are too big, you will need to buy a candle.

Make a candle of some type, such an incense burner, and hang it on the lid on your Christmas Christmas decoration.


A decoration brush.

You have the choice of a decoration brush to use to make your Christmas décor, such one from your local craft store.

If so, make it to make one of those brush-like objects that you might find in a book.

This can be made from a wooden dowel, or a metal rod, or some kind of plastic or metal tube.

It will look a bit like a toy toy, but it will have a lot of life to it, as well as making it easier to clean.


A paint brush.

If paint brushes are not enough, you might also want to get a paint brush and put your decorations in it.

Paintbrush can be used to paint your decorations on a flat surface, such the walls of your house, or on a table.

15. A brush


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