How to get your own snowman from a snowman

The home of the late Canadian author David Thomson was a snow machine when he died.

His estate was sold to a group of investors in 1997.

But it took a while for the ornamental snowman to reach fruition.

“I was pretty upset because they had me build a snowmachine,” said owner, Diane Hughes, who’s been decorating her home since the 1970s.

“But it was all for the best.

The snow was beautiful and I got to decorate my home.”

Hughes, 63, says she still enjoys decorating and has an affinity for snowmen.

She hopes to have the snowman installed at her home soon, though she hasn’t decided what she’ll call it yet.

“It will probably be something simple like a snowflake or a snow globe,” she said.

Hughes has had snowmen since she was a child.

She’s even decorated them with flowers.

She says that once they’re installed they’ll make a nice addition to her home.

Hughes hopes that the installation will spark a conversation about snow machines.

“What does it mean to have an ornament in the home?” she said, adding that she’d like to have a snow statue installed in her home someday.

“How do you have a snowball and decorate a snow man?”


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