How a GOP staffer went from the ‘burke’ of the House to the ‘marbles’ of Nevada

A GOP staffer has become a household name for making a huge deal out of the fact that she was fired because of her appearance.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told the House Rules Committee Wednesday that his aide who had previously made headlines for saying that President Donald Trump was a “fucking retard” was fired for “inciting a riot” because she wore a red burke dress.

The woman was working in the Rules Committee’s oversight committee and said that she had a “huge problem with the President,” and that her attire was disrespectful to the office.

She also criticized a “silly” “lady in red” who had come in for a meeting.

She then said that Trump had the audacity to be a “bigot” and was a white supremacist.

McCarthy said she was a disgrace to the party and said her actions were “not in the best interests of the GOP.”

She was not immediately available for comment Wednesday.

Her actions were not in the interest of the Republican Party, McCarthy said.

She had a big problem with Mr. Trump and he had the integrity to be the president.

— Rep. Kevin McCarthy (@RepKevinMcCarthy) March 23, 2021McCarthia said she did not know what the rules were about who could wear a red dress, but she “didn’t care.”

McCarthias staff members told the committee that she would not wear a burke, which is an ornamental ornaments with an “overall red” color scheme.

He said that while some people might find that offensive, it was “not a problem” for the rest of the party.

The Republican Party is expected to vote on McCarthy’s impeachment, which could be on Wednesday.

The Hill first reported the story on Wednesday morning.


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