Decorators ‘wall decor’ stickers are selling for more than $20,000, CBC News reports

A group of white-clad decorators have taken the wraps off their white wall decorations, which are being sold online for as much as $20-plus, CBC reports.

“It’s really about helping our community to be more welcoming, and it’s about showing our support to each other,” said Janice Beaumont, the group’s co-founder.

Beaumont and her friends are planning to go door-to-door to distribute stickers around the community.

There’s also a website where the decorators can purchase the stickers for $3,500, and they’re selling them on Etsy.

Each sticker has been designed to resemble a tree with a crown on top.

The group plans to sell them at Christmas and New Year’s parties, which have been popular for years in Vancouver.

“We’re just trying to keep the theme going and show what we’re all about,” said Beaumount.

The group is planning to distribute hundreds of stickers around Vancouver, according to a video posted on their Facebook page.

One of the stickers is a tree in the shape of a heart.

Another is a Christmas tree with the words, “Happy Holidays.”

The stickers are being advertised on a website that sells wall decorations.

CBC News contacted the group and was told that it had not received any formal orders from sellers.


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