Black Forest Christmas home decor

In honor of Black History Month, here are some Christmas home decorations that may be a little too festive.


The Home of Christmas: The family behind this home in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Tennessee, has been making Christmas decorations for more than 30 years.

The decor comes from a local family that owns a small business that specializes in creating custom Christmas decorations.


The Black Christmas: This home decor store in Chicago, Illinois, is a favorite of Black people in the South.

They decorate their homes with bright and colorful decorations and sell handmade Christmas items.


The Christmas Tree: This house in West Point, New York, has a tree that’s adorned with dozens of colorful lights.


Christmas Tree House: This house in the rural town of Chilton, New Jersey, has its own Christmas tree.


Christmas Trees on Wheels: Christmas trees that you can’t buy in the US are now a tradition at this North Carolina town.


Christmas Carpet: A local Santa’s workshop in Los Angeles, California, is selling Christmas carpet and gifts for families.


Christmas Sweater: There’s nothing like Christmas in a sweater.


Christmas Gifts: For a small purchase, a family can purchase gifts from their favorite Santa.


Christmas Gift Shop: An old Christmas card shop in Brooklyn, New Mexico, offers an assortment of Christmas cards and gifts.


Christmas Book: If you want to make sure your Christmas gifts will last a lifetime, a local bookshop in the Midwest is stocking up on books.


Christmas Books: Children’s Christmas books are sold on


Christmas Trucks: Many kids at this small town in Kansas City, Missouri, enjoy their Christmas trucks.


Christmas Bags: Decorated by their parents and their children, this home decor shop in the small town of Southfield, Michigan, has several kinds of Christmas bags.


Christmas Card Santa: In this small, rural town in Wyoming, a Christmas card Santa is the local custom.


Christmas Cottage: As the name suggests, this Christmas cottage is decorated with Christmas trees and presents.


Christmas Christmas Tree and Candle: Every Christmas, this family has a special tree and candle for decorating.


Christmas Pendant: It’s no surprise that Christmas jewelry can be pricey.

This handmade Christmas pendant is from a family that makes their own in-house jewelry.


Christmas Wood Pendant with Heart: These handmade Christmas wood pendants from this small community in South Dakota feature a heart that appears in the center of the pendant.


Christmas Mural: You can decorate this home with Christmas lights and holiday decorations, but this family of four prefers to keep things quiet.


Christmas Sign: People in this small Montana town decorate Christmas signs to honor their families history.


Christmas Shoe: Here’s a homemade Christmas shoe.


Christmas Trolley: Kids in this family make homemade Christmas trolley with toys.


Christmas Stroller: And here’s a handmade Christmas stroller.


Christmas Cake: All these festive decorations are made in-home.


Christmas Lights: Some children in this rural town decorating a home with their own Christmas lights.


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