Baby’s Halloween decorations: The ‘grinch’ decorations are back!

There was a lot of buzz last year when the nursery decor store, Bridgetons, released a “grinch” decor, featuring a “small-brained” grinch in a giant grinch suit.

This year, it appears to have changed, according to a new video on Facebook.

The video shows the new “grumpy grinch” in a grumpy mood.

Bridgeton’s Facebook page says the grinch “will not be appearing in the store.”

The video has more than 6,000 shares, and the Facebook page has over 4,000 likes.

“Our customers are very upset with the decision to remove the grumpy griffin,” the page said.

The Grinch Grinch costume was featured on the television show “The Grinch Christmas,” which aired in December.

It was a nod to the holiday theme “The Nutcracker” from the 1981 animated movie “The Christmas Song.”

The “grinning” character was voiced by actor Chris Rock.

The new “Grinch” costume, which featured a large “grin” on the head, is now on sale for $14.95.


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