A new ‘Burke’ table decor for Thanksgiving 2018

Posted January 26, 2019 11:02:59By the time Thanksgiving rolls around, you may have noticed a new table decor to celebrate your family’s annual meal.

There’s a lot of excitement about Thanksgiving dinner at home.

This week, we wanted to share our Thanksgiving table decor with you so you can make it your own.

The table decor we shared for this week’s Thanksgiving dinner was inspired by the one that Kate Upton shared with her family in The Big Sick.

It is a table designed to replicate Upton’s dining table in The Bachelorette.

Upton’s table features a dining area that looks like a dining table but is filled with chairs and other seating options.

The dining area is large enough to accommodate several tables and two tables.

Upton is featured on the cover of The Bachelor season 6 and it is a perfect place for you to dress up your Thanksgiving dinner with a table decor.

It takes just a few minutes to create your table decor by cutting out a template and following the steps below.

We hope this inspires you to create a table for Thanksgiving dinner.

First, you’ll need to download our table decor template for a more customized Thanksgiving table.

Download the template here .

Make sure you download the template before you start assembling your table.

We recommend the template for all tables except the one where Kate Upton’s family sits.

We are a little lazy and just took the template and added it to our existing table decorations.

Next, grab your template from the links below.

These templates are designed to be printed on paper, so it’s a good idea to use a template that is available in the printer’s ink.

You can print out your template by using your printer, or you can buy one at Amazon.

You will need to print your template using your own printer or digital ink.

If you print your own template, it may take a little longer to assemble.

We print all our tables at a scale of 1:10, so the template will fit into your printer’s paper.

After you’ve printed the template, print out the bottom edge and place the template in your printer.

Print the template on your printer and then assemble your table in one piece.

Here’s what it looks like when assembled.

Your table looks a little bit like Upton’s.

But, don’t worry.

You don’t need to make a table at home just yet.

Just keep reading for the step-by-step instructions.


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