A bed decor designer’s take on ‘Honey, I’m a Widow’: What a gorgeous piece of bedding is this?

A beautiful piece of home decor?

That’s what a bed decorist might say.

That’s exactly what a man named Joshua Buell from New Jersey is trying to make happen.

Buello, a self-proclaimed “urban legend” bed decorator, has been making bedding out of wood, metal and even plastic.

It seems like he’s become a true legend among Bed Bugs.

Bueso claims that his bedding creations have been seen on thousands of homes.

The Bed Bugs are very smart, Buella told News24.

They know their place, they know what they want.

It’s all about the bed.

He explained to News24 that he believes he has created something that’s “beautiful” that “fits a lady’s style.”

Here are just a few of the bedding products Buelly has been producing. 

Buello says that the Bed Bugs have been able to find the perfect combination of color, design and fit.

“It’s very hard to find a bed that fits perfectly,” Buelli said.

“I’m always looking for new things to do.

I’m not going to make a blanket out of this.”

Bueell says he loves the attention he gets from his customers.

He said he recently went through a similar experience and has been amazed at how many people have come forward to tell him their stories.

“They all love what I’m doing,” Bueser said.

Buelo said he’s been making beds out of his own home since 2012.

He has also had customers coming to him for help.

“Somebody came in and said, ‘I need a bed for my daughter because I’m having trouble sleeping,'” Buelos wife said. 

“My wife said, I don’t know how she’s going to put it together.

I said, you don’t have to worry about that.

She said, of course, I will,” Buela said.”

I’ve done this for more than a decade, and I’m really happy,” Buedo said.

I just love the way people respond to what I do.

“So far, my bed has sold for over $500,000.

People have come from around the world to help me.

I think it’s an amazing thing.

People really appreciate it.”

Buesol said he has been able have a “real” impact on people’s lives.

Bucell told News 24 that he’s not a bed designer but rather a bed maker.

Bulell said he believes that people’s love for the art of making furniture is a great inspiration for Buels creations.

“People can buy beautiful furniture and do amazing things with it,” Bucella said.

This is what he says he has found to be the most important aspect of his business.

“What people love about the art is the art that they’re doing with it.

That has a real emotional impact on the person that makes it,” he said.

If you’re interested in more stories like this, you can find Buely at www.facebook.com/buell.bruell or follow him on Twitter @buely.


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