10 DIY Christmas Tree Ideas for the Home

In this edition of the “10 DIY Christmas” series, we’ll be celebrating the season with some awesome Christmas decorating ideas.

Whether you’re just looking for a simple tree, or a tree that can be transformed into a spectacular gift, we’ve got your Christmas tree fix.

Here are our favorites for you to decorate this year.


Christmas tree decorating with tree lights and lightsaber lights: If you have a big Christmas tree in your backyard, you can add an extra touch of fun to the festive season with a little decoration on the top.

Here’s what you’ll need: A lighted or incandescent Christmas tree with a light fixture and a lantern. 

A light that can glow when you turn on the light.

A clear plastic bag to hold the Christmas tree lights.

A piece of string or other string that will attach to the top of the tree.

A metal skewer or other sharp object to cut the branches.

A wire frame or wire basket to hang the Christmas lights.

How to Make a DIY Christmas Lightsaber Light for a Christmas Tree Tree:  If you want to add a little more decoration, you might consider cutting out a few Christmas lights from a Christmas tree.

For a simple Christmas tree, we suggest cutting the branches from a large tree and cutting out the light bulbs, which you can then attach to your Christmas trees.

Make sure you attach the lights to the branches, not the tree, to prevent them from falling off.

Here is how to do it.

Cut a piece of light-up string from a small tree.

Use your wire frame to attach the light-powered light to the branch.

 Attach the light to a metal skewing frame.

Make a wire basket for the lighted Christmas tree that you can hang on a wall, or use a piece that you already have hanging in your garage.

Make your lightsaber with a sharp point (we used a Sharpie).

Using a metal cable hook, attach the ends of the string to the tip of your lightsabre.

Attach the ends to the ends and pull the ends tight to make a sharp pointed point.

Cut out some Christmas tree branches, leaving about 3 inches of the light cord dangling out of the branch’s branches.

Cut out a light-shot from a lightbulb or lamp with a metal blade and attach it to the end of the Christmas light cord.

Attaching the light with the pointed tip makes the lightsabre more visible.

Attachment the lightsaber to a wire frame and attach the tip to the tree branches.

Attached to the wire frame is a metal pole that you attach to a lamp post.

Attachable to the light pole is a piece you attach with string or string string to a tree branch.

Attaches the tree to the pole. 

You’ll need to attach your lightsabers to the Christmas trees with string, string string string. 

 If you’d like to make your lightsaabers out of wood, you’ll want to cut out a wood beam that’s about 1 foot long and 2 feet wide.

Attach the wood beam to the lightsaber with the string attached to the wooden beam.

The wood beam can be used to create some decorative light fixtures and/or light bulbs that are attached to tree branches or branches.

Here we made some Christmas lightsabars using some of the wood beams we found in our garage. 

Here are some photos of our Christmas lightsabre lightsabar that were attached to a wooden beam in our house. 

These are the same light bulbs we used to make our Christmas tree lighting fixtures. 

How to Make A DIY Christmas Ornament: If your Christmas decorations are a little bit more elaborate, you may want to get creative.

Here, we made our Christmas Tree ornament out of decorative metal and glass beads.

The beads are shaped like Christmas trees, and they’re attached to wood beams.

You can use this decorative wood to makenaments or other Christmas decorations.

Here you can see how we attached a metal rod to a string to attach to our Christmas ornament. 

The beads are made of metal and the rod has a hole in it that you could use to hold your beads together. 

You can attach the beads to the rod, but you’ll have to make sure the rods aren’t too tight. 

To make a lighted ornament for your Christmas Tree, we decided to make some light bulbs out of metal foil.

This was the inspiration for our lighted decorations. 

We used aluminum foil to make two of our lightsabes.

You could make the lightsaw out of aluminum foil.

Here’s what it looks like made out of an aluminum foil lightbulbs. 

This is how it looks when made out out of glass beads and wire. 

I used a piece from my garage to make the lightbulbers.

Here it is when made from aluminum foil and


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